We are currently working on a part of the project called Deliverable 1 (Webinars for partners on transgenerational transmission of trauma and its treatment) in the period 01/01/2022-30/06/2022. Within this part of the project, the Czech side presented its experience with trauma treatment (Michaela Hapalová) and a description of the Rafael Institute and research experience (Marek Preiss) to the collaborating centres twice. There were also presentations from the Hungarian (Katalin Zana and Tihamer Bako) and Slovak sides (Monika Vrzgulová), and the Polish side will also present its experience on 22 June 2022.


We would like to thank Visegrad Funds for supporting a project Transgeneration transfer of Holocaust trauma - prevention and care (Project ID 22120162). We will work with partners from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary to fulfill the project's goals, which are focused on a deeper understanding and exchange of experience with the transgenerational transmission of trauma.

The project is planned for the period January 2022 - March 2024. We will keep you informed about the project activities.